Nov 11

Welcome to the Prep For Today Podcast!

A lot has changed since I last posted an episode of the Prep for Today Podcast way back in August of 2013. Well over four years ago- wow!

Well, while there’s no single/truly good excuse, I could go and blame it on a number of outside factors- having moved houses, changed jobs, just being ‘busy’ living life, etc., but the true and only excuse is, me. I’m the reason the podcast went dormant for all these months, and I own that 🙂 Now to fix that and get this wheel moving again…

While not publishing new podcasts or blog posts, I have been very busy growing our lives and preparedness knowledge in many areas, I’m back and ready to share with you what I’ve been learning and doing.

If you notice the countdown counter on the right, you will see that I’ve given myself a deadline to have episode 9 published.

Some time back I unpublished all of my old episodes. I did this because I thought they sounded crappy, were unprofessional, and (insert other self-doubt/imposter syndrome terms here). Looking back, this was a silly and selfish thing to do. There were some good topics there that could have been helping people out. I realized that when I received a comment from a listener stating so. This really hit home and told me I that the message I put out there actually helped someone on their journey!

The reason I originally created this site and podcast was to share what I have learned and experienced first hand, researched for my own knowledge, or would like to develop skills-wise, when it comes to preparedness, self-improvement, new and interesting hobbies, etc., all without the heavy themes of politics, religion, scare tactics, divisive thinking, personal agendas/beliefs, etc.- all of which the world already has plenty of outlets and channels promoting.

If you are looking for some entertaining, educational, and informative information without the extra baggage of others’ agendas, please consider listening to an episode or two of my podcast or check out some of my articles. If you find that you like what I have to say I would really appreciate if you would consider subscribing so you can follow along on this journey.

Thanks and all the best,