Aug 03

PFT 007: ProjectBasedPrepping

Project Based Prepping


Today we’ll go over a couple of the most common project management methodologies and what is probably the most common approach used for prepping.


The most common?

Shotgun approach- Chaos- first to mind, first to action, think of it-do it, let opportunity fly

  • Good approach, but risky
  • Potentially shortsighted- hasty decisions
  • Inefficient- constantly changing what’s being worked on
  • Can cost money and time which could be better spent

Waterfall Methodology

  • One of the most popular/ traditional methodologies
  • Requirements based- up front analysis feeds into detailed project plan
  • Weaknesses- plan way ahead, trying to account for everything right from the start
  • Risk- one thing goes off target, the whole timeline and budget can be blown
  • Planned items can become obsolete/ no longer needed
  • urgent items may be missed when they are needed


  • Much more nimble
  • Build a backlog of items
    • User Stories define what’s needed, not what to do
      • As a user, I need…
      • The tasks define what gets done to complete the user story
      • User Story examples-
        • … to have three months of shelf-stable food storage…
        • … to produce 10% of my food from the garden…
        • …to ensure I have enough propane on hand for…
        • … to have 30 days of potable water stored for our household…
        • …to  have proper power backup for the furnace to run for 14 days in the winter…
        • … to have a fire-emergency plan capable of addressing common fire scenarios
        • … have $???? in liquid- emergency cash
        • Etc.
  • Plan time-blocked iterations (sprints)
  • Add backlog items to sprints
  • Re-prioritize backlog at the start of every sprint
  • Benefit- only work on current sprint
    • If it’s too big for the sprint- break it up across sprints
  • Don’t all need to be in the same sprint
  • Different priorities at different times of year


Personal preference- Agile/Scrum approach

–          Constantly refining

–          Identify missing, add as new backlog items

–          Needs change- add to backlog

–          Backlog item becomes obsolete- remove it



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