Jul 14

PFT 005: 12 Important Phone Numbers to Program in Your Cell Phone

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12 Important numbers to keep in your cellphone, car, or little black book

In any emergency time will be of the essence, especially when you need to reach one of these people.   In this episode we review twelve numbers your will want to be sure to keep handy.

1.) local police non-emergency number
2.) local county non -emergency number
3.) veterinarian number (include after hours number if different) plus Vet ER
4.) insurance company claim line (auto and home)
5.) tree service company (or two)
6.) family lawyer
7.) plumber
8.) electrician
9.) volunteer fire/ems
10.) Local taxi service

11. ) Handyman

12.) Roofer


credit card company/bank 800 number (for loss/fraud)

Have some suggestions for more critical numbers that you keep handy?  Please leave a comment and tell us what you think.