PFT004: Growing Salad Greens in Containers

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PrepForToday Ep4

Today we will review the benefits of and how to create your very own salad green containers.

Not only are they quick and easy to assemble, they make a great prep as a food production system and provide a steady supply of fresh greens at a fraction of the cost of those store bought salad blends.

Growing Salad in Containers

Salad Green Container- Ready to begin harvesting

Outline of topics covered-


–         Quality

–         Cost

–         Convenience

–         Control (inputs)

–         Safety


–         Container

  • Window Box w/ watering tray
  • Good Quality Growing Medium
  • Seeds (loose leaf salad blends)

–         Growing Environment

  • Warm
  • Light- critical

–         Water- non chlorinated (or let it sit out for a day or two)


–         Container

  • Drill drain holes
  • Fill container (within 1-2 inches from top)
  • Water soil
  • Sprinkle seeds (like grass seed)
  • Tamp seeds with hand to ensure good contact (carefully)
  • Wet with spray bottle a couple of days, until seeds germinate


–         Germination

  • Keep top damp
    • Spray bottle- avoid watering w/ can (washes seeds into a corner)
    • Water from bottom once germination starts
    • Keep close to good light (for 16hrs a day)- use timer, if possible

–         Growing

  • Water weekly from bottom
  • Provide natural sunlight whenever possible


After 4 inches tall

  • Harvest in sections (usually 1/3 to ½ of container at a time).
  • Cut flush to top of container (leaving at least 1-1 ½ inches of growth for regrowth (careful not to pull out of soil)
  • Overseed if too thin
  • Rinse, dry and enjoy

Succession plantings

  •  Being new containers every few 2-3 weeks, to ensure a continuous supply

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